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University POSTGRES,
Version 4.2

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The last ``official'' release of University POSTGRES. As of 1994, this software is no longer being developed or supported.

Before obtaining this software, you probably want to look at the POSTGRES Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list. You may also wish to consult the monthly digests of the POSTGRES mailing list archives.

Old versions of POSTGRES. Provided for historical reasons, and because some of the unofficial ports are based on them.
Useful and/or interesting applications contributed to the project.
Other useful documents and files to which the POSTGRES documentation makes reference.
Ports conducted by outside persons or organizations. Before fetching these, you should look over the unofficial port list.
Patches for POSTGRES 4.2, generated by various users.

POSTGRES does not come with a GUI query tool, but a very nice one called pgbrowse (based on Tcl/TK) is available from UCSB/CRSEO.

A free 4GL called Onyx supports the POSTQUEL query language.

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