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About the Logos

This is the historical archive for database research group logos.

The Cal Disk Drive

This logo was put together by Paul Aoki. The disk drive is an IBM Ultrastar 18XP (the original image is here.) The Berkeley campus seal was superimposed using Adobe Photoshop 4.0. (Photoshop is neat, but  I  wish they had some way to distort a pattern using shapes and paths - you know, a crude texture map.)

The disk drive photograph is copyright © 1998 IBM Corp. and the Berkeley campus seal is a registered trademark of the University of California.

This logo is available in several different sizes: 192 x 210, 220 x 241, 256 x 280, 320 x 350.

A previous version, by Joe Hellerstein, was based on a famous photo of Berkeley's Sather Tower (a.k.a. the Campanile).

The Turtles

The turtle was adopted as a mascot by the INGRES group in the '70s because ``it's slow but it gets there.'' It was retained as the POSTGRES mascot for sentimental reasons.

This turtle was designed as part of a t-shirt commemorating POSTGRES 4.0. It's an imagemap, and it still works. (Paul Aoki scanned the shirt and made the imagemap, but the name of the actual artist has since been lost to antiquity.)

Additional turtle logos (never used):

Paul M. Aoki, aoki@acm.org
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