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We will read and discuss 2-4 papers per week.  Many of the papers for the class will be available either on-line, or as handouts in a previous class.

Last Year's Syllabus
Date Readings

 Part 1: Classics

Tu 8/29 The UNIX Time-Sharing System
Dennis M. Richie and Ken Thompson
annotated version
Th 8/31 Entrance Exam
Tu 9/5 A History and Evaluation of System R
Donald D. Chamberlin, Morton A. Astrahan, Michael W. Blasgen, James N. Gray, W. Frank King, Bruce G. Lindsay, Raymond Lorie, James W. Mehl, Thomas G. Price, Franco Putzolu, Patricia Griffiths Selinger, Mario Schkolnick, Donald R. Slutz, Irving L. Traiger, Bradford W. Wade and Robert A. Yost
annotated version

Anatomy of a Database System, Sections 1-3 Hellerstein & Stonebraker (in textbook). No summary required

Optional Reading: The Design and Implementation of Ingres
Michael Stonebraker, Eugene Wong, Peter Kreps and Gerald Held.

Part 2: Persistent Storage

Th 9/7
A Fast File System for UNIX
McKusick, Joy, Leffler and Fabry
Journaling Versus Soft Updates; Asynchronous Meta-Data Protection in Filesystems. Seltzer, Ganger, McKusick, Smith, Soules, and Stein.
Tu 9/12 ARIES: A Transaction Recovery Method Supporting Fine-Granularity Locking and Partial Rollbacks Using Write-ahead Logging, 2-up version
C. Mohan et al. (in Red Book)
Th 9/14
An aside: Berkeley Systems Sampler
Implementing Declarative Overlays. Loo et al.
Thirty Years is Long Enough, Brewer et al.
Tu 9/19 The HP AutoRAID Hierarchical Storage System [Temporary local copy, 2-up version]
Wilkes, Golding, Staelin and Sullivan 
Th 9/21 Data Management in Application Servers. Dean Jacobs (in Red Book).

Part 3: Volatile Memory and Virtualization

Tu 9/26
Th 9/28
Tu 10/3

Part 4: Scheduling for Consistency

Th 10/5 Mesa
Tu 10/10 Gray's granularity (part 1), Optimistic CC Agrawal/Carey/Livny
Th 10/12 Gray's consistency (part 2), Adya (+ Snapshot Isolation)
Tu 10/17 TBD

Part 5: Threads and Scheduling

Th 10/19
Tu 10/24

Part 6: Dataflow and Query Processing

Th 10/26 Volcano and Click
Tu 10/31 Parallel DB architecture + 1 (sort?)
Th 11/2 Map/Reduce, FLuX
Tu 11/7 Query optimization (Selinger + 1 extensible opt)
Th 11/9 Adaptive Query Processing (eddies + 1)

Part 7: Network Support

Tu 11/14 TCP
Th 11/16
Tu 11/21

Part 8: TBD

Th 11/23 Thanksgiving Holiday
Tu 11/28
Th 11/30
Tu 12/5
Th 12/7