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Class/Date Topic Lecture Notes
8/30 Intro and UNIX [PDF on UNIX]
9/6 System R and RDBMS architecture [lecture notes] and [annotated PDF of System R paper]
9/8 Introduction to Transactions [lecture notes]
9/13 Mach VM [lecture notes]
9/15 User-Level and Recoverable VM [lecture notes]
9/20 Multics VM [lecture notes]
9/22 V++ ACPM and the 5-Minute Rule [lecture notes] [annotated PDF of ACPM paper] [annotated PDF of the 5 Minute Rule]
9/27 Xen and Virtualization Guest lecture, Steve Hand
9/29 Intro to Recovery + the POSTGRES storage system [Recovery intro] [POSTGRES storage]
10/4 FFS & LFS [lecture notes]
10/6 ARIES [ARIES overview]
10/11 Project advice [notes]
10/13 AutoRAID [lecture notes]
10/18 Mesa monitors [lecture notes]
10/20 Hierarchical Locking and Consistency [lecture notes]
10/25Optimistic Concurrency and Performance wrt Locking Guest lecture, Mike Franklin
10/27 Query Processing [lecture notes]
11/1 Query Optimization: Selinger and Volcano [lecture notes]
11/3 Dataflow encapsulations: Exchange and Eddies [lecture notes]
11/10 Events and Threads [lecture notes]
11/15 Lottery and Stride Scheduling Guest lecture, Eric Brewer
11/17 Scheduler Activations and First-Class User Threads [lecture notes]
11/22 Congestion avoidance and adversaries [lecture notes]